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Meet The Financial Dutchman

Welcome to the Financial Dutchman, your weekly dose of honesty about investing and the financial industry only a true Dutchman can give you.

Let’s start off this blog with a bold statement: the concepts of money and investing are not really taught in school and what they do teach you is typically not that practical or simple twaddle! Really – convincing people that inflation is beneficial for everyone and how to calculate the weighted average cost of capital. How does that help you in your day to day life? Quite unfortunate really, as this leaves every single adult out there to figure out how to invest on their own.

In an attempt to get a grip on our finances and pursue our dreams of becoming financially independent, we often resort to listening to influencers sharing amazing tips and tricks on social media. But how seriously can we take these recommendations?

An engineer by trade, I’ve always been fascinated by finance and investing. From the stock market to property investments – I’ve attended many investing and trading courses, read hundreds of annual reports and read countless investing & trading books. I’ll use this blog to try and cut through all that noise, and provide you with tangible ideas, learnings and tools that can help you become a savvy investor.

Get answers to these top-of-mind questions

  1. What is the difference between investing and speculation (or trading)?

  2. How do you identify high quality companies?

  3. How do you analyse a company by reading the Annual Report and Financial Statements?

  4. How does the business model of a high quality company work and what makes this business model superior?

  5. What sectors and industries have a higher chance of having high quality companies? And why?

  6. How do you value a high quality company? Without a valuation you don't know what your maximum price to pay should be!

  7. Should you look at charts of publicly listed companies or not? And is there a place for technical analysis?

Thank you for reading!

The Financial Dutchman


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